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There are many variables to the selection of an attorney such as his professional competence, time constraints, professional fees, and the inter-meshing of personalities, etc.  Before hiring an attorney for any legal work, I would recommend: (a) that an attorney’s professional credentials (experience and training) for the work be investigated;  (b) that a fee arrangement be discussed and understood;  (c) that the general time-lines for the completion of the work be reviewed; and  (d) that the attorney be someone that you are comfortable working with.  The fact that your parents Wills are in storage with a different attorney should be neither a positive nor a negative factor to his/her hiring.  Call for a free first appointment consultation.  Remember that a general informational series is not a substitute for actual legal representation.
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Who has Occipital Headaches?

Occipital headaches are a very common condition for a large portion of the population and can be caused by several different sources.   The most frequent suspect for causing neck and occipital pain is from neck disorders, but often over looked is an injury to the jaw joint.  Surprisingly the number one symptom of a TMJ disorder is occipital headaches or pain.  The jaw joint is not usually the prominent pain complaint.  Who would ever guess the jaw joint would cause the back of your head to hurt?   As the occipital pain becomes more long term or chronic the occipital areas itself refers pain to other areas primarily to the top of the head, the back of the eye, and to the ear.  If you are one of those with occipital pain simply press into the tender area and hold it for a minute and observe where the pain may refer to.  A similar technique may be used on other tender or painful points in the muscle to identify the pain referral pattern.  Knowing the source of the pain allows one to treat each of the trigger points and eliminate each of the associated painful areas.  Too good to be true!  Many of my patients are amazed at the extensive relief from finally identifying not only where the pain is, but more importantly what is the source of the referred pain and eliminate the future referral of the historical pain.   For answers to your questions call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning chronic pain, TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, headaches, snoring or related subjects  drdwight@thetmjcenter.com  call 234-PAIN.
This is a topic that has received considerable attention as mandibular fractures are relatively common after trauma to the face. Fractures of the mandible (broken jaw) may be seen after any kind of trauma that generates enough force to the lower face. This may include contact sports or any other activity that places one at risk of falling or being struck by any object. Various studies have supported the findings that having third molars (wisdom teeth) present, especially if they are not completely erupted, increases the likelihood of breaking the mandible approximately 4 fold. One such study suggested that having the wisdom teeth in place only requires 60% of the force to fracture the jaw as if the teeth were not present.
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Idaho Statutes provides a strict formality of signature before two witnesses to be a legal organ donation.  The affixating of organ donor upon your drivers license is just a method to identify to legal authority that you have previously executed an organ donor card.  A good family law attorney can advise you of the available options in your situation to become organ donors.  Remember that a general informational series is not a substitute for actual legal representation.
 As part of its estate planning service, Meyers Law Office, PLLC., provides a free Statutory Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney.

What are the Sleep Apnea myths?

The biggest myth about sleep apnea is that only heavy people have sleep apnea.  Not true!   Sleep apnea will cause weight gain!  I most commonly find the tongue to be the offending cause of the airway closing and causing the apnea which I regularly treat using an oral appliance or retainer.  My apnea patients are predominantly females and much younger and snore louder than you would ever expect.  Who wants to spend the night with a noisy, frequently stirring person that stops breathing?   Patients describe it as a frightening experience to observe their partner lying there for long periods of time without breathing.  They could die!  Yes, weight does play a role in the perpetuation of apnea, but loss of the weight has less of an impact on the reduction of the apnea than one would expect.   I for one have been very surprised that substantial weight loss has less impact on the reduction of apnea than one would expect.  When patients are medically diagnosed with sleep apnea they are most frequently prescribed an air pump (CPAP) to keep the airway open and prevent the apnea.  This device is clearly ugly, inconvenient, noisy, restrictive, awkward to use and has no sex appeal at all.  The ladies hate it.  I hear all of the common complaints of why the CPAP is not used and therefore why more than 50% of the patients are not being treated.  For a complimentary Sleep Apnea consumer guide or for a TMJ information guide on pain and “The Great Imposter”  call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning headaches, TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, snoring or related subjects drdwight@thetmjcenter.com   call 234-PAIN.
This is a great question that has a variable answer. To answer this it is best to understand how this treatment works. Botox is the brand name for a chemical that acts on nerves entering the muscles to block their communication. This creates an inability of the muscle to contract, which in turn does not allow gathering of the overlying skin causing wrinkles. So what’s an easy way to decide if Botox will work for you? Look in a mirror and scowl. You may notice that this causes vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, commonly referred to the “11’s”. Now squint your eyes to see if the “crow’s feet” wrinkles appear on the outside of the eyes. These and other wrinkles that are caused by muscles activity are the wrinkles that are easily treated with Botox. Many people also develop wrinkles in these areas that are present even at rest which can see improvements over time. There are of course wrinkles that are not treatable with Botox, such as relaxed wrinkles under the eyes, but these can easily be treated with separate procedures.  In general, Botox gives us a great nonsurgical treatment of most wrinkles around the eyes and forehead for people in their late 20’s to 60’s.
It seems like each day we find more links to our health problems and sleep breathing disorders. Last week two studies demonstrated a fivefold risk of cancer when a person has sleep apnea (interrupted breathing). 1. Everyone is aware of the link of sleep breathing disorders to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension.   The worst and most common headaches on the planet are called primary headaches.  That means they are idiopathic, which means doctors don’t know why people get them. Headaches in this category are cluster (mostly men), migraine (mostly women) and tension type (both men and women). Cluster and its woman variant chronic paroxysmal hemi‐crania are now known to be a REM (rapid eye movement) sleep related problem.  2. That means when a person has vivid dream sleep they are most relaxed and their airway has a greater chance of closing, therefore they are suffocating.  Migraine is the most common headache with a TMJ disorder inflammation of the branches of the trigeminal nerve.  Yes, inflammation from the jaw joint and nose are transmitted to the blood vessels of the brain and cause swelling that results in migraine headache. The trigeminal nerve and its branches innervate the jaw joints and nose.  For a free TMJ information guide “The Great Imposter” or answers to your questions call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning headaches, TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, snoring or related subjects drdwight@thetmjcenter.com   call 234-PAIN.
In 2006, a New Jersey Appellate Court ruled that a similarly situated woman had no property rights within her boyfriends estate.  Advance estate planning and documentation could have resulted in desired property transfer and protection.   Remember that a general informational series is not a substitute for actual legal representation.