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Yes. If your children are young or in their college years, you probably want to arrange your affairs so that funds will be available for their care, educations, weddings, down payments on homes, etc. You do this either with trusts in your will or outside of it.  Life insurance and retirement plans are usually larger assets that need to be part of that plan. If the beneficiary designations are not properly done, these funds will be left outside of your planning.  Assets received directly by your spouse or children also become subject to their creditors.

    For most patients the success rate of dental implants is approximately 95-98%!  Much
          of this success stems from significant improvements in the dental implants that have occurred over the past decades thanks to continued research in this area. Despite the high overall success rates, certain medical problems or medications can affect the success of dental implants to some extent.   Tobacco products affect the body’s ability to heal and in turn can have a negative effect on the prognosis of a dental implant.  For these reasons, a detailed health history will be reviewed with you at the time of your consultation so that these issues and any questions you might have may be addressed.


Many insurance companies will now pay for a nutritional counseling visit for high cholesterol, overweight or obesity as part of their preventive benefit and Medicaid also has a benefit.  You can bring the entire family in for a visit to learn about carbs, sugars, healthy fats, and easy meals.  We also have a fabulous Family Fitness class to get everyone moving.  And, if you need to check your cholesterol, blood sugars, thyroid, and more, attend our Reduced-Fee Health Fair on Thursday, November 20th, from 6:30 to 9:30 am.  Call 233-0593 to save your spot.  We’re also pleased to announce that we’re moving!   Our new office will be at 845 W. Center, near the public library and Del Monte Meats.  The building is being renovated by a fabulous new owner and we’re thrilled to be one of the first tenants!   See you there starting Monday, November 10th.


Does your jaw ever get stuck?

It is very common for the jaw to get stuck in various positions.  The worst place to have your jaw stuck is in the open position.  It sounds a bit humorous to have someone else’s mouth stuck open, but when  you are the unfortunate individual with their mouth gapping ridiculously open, having difficulty talking, and dulling all over yourself for lack of being able to get your lips together and swallow normally the situation becomes more serious.  More frequently the jaw gets stuck closed or partially closed with the inability to open wide with reduced ability to chew side to side.  I assure this is not normal and is an indication there is a degenerative condition going on in the bone of the jaw joints.  When the jaw joints do not work properly the jaw muscles tighten up and get tender or right down painful.  Many individuals describe the headache as a migraine because of the severity of the pain.  Most of these headaches are not migraines at all and do not respond to migraine medications. The ear doctors see the greatest number of these patients because there are usually ear symptoms to go along with the tight tender muscles and headaches.  The ear doctors usually find nothing wrong with the ears and may make a diagnosis of a TMJ disorder.  Most of my patients have been through the headache, ear symptom experience.  The cooling fall weather will increase the severity and frequency of these symptoms.   Before it becomes an emergency, call for a free information guide “The Great Imposter” or for answers to your questions call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, headaches, snoring or related subjects drdwight@thetmjcenter.com call 234-PAIN.


The law allows the costs of getting legal help to be paid ahead of the creditors.  If your dad left anything of value, it can be used first to get legal help so you won’t have to pay for it out of  your own pocket.   As to the creditors, all the law requires is that they be treated fairly out of the remaining funds of his estate.  Life insurance proceeds, retirement accounts, and some other accounts are usually not considered part of the estate, and usually not subject to creditors’ claims.


If left in the mouth, impacted wisdom teeth may damage neighboring teeth, or become infected. Because the third molar area of the mouth is difficult to clean, it is a site that invites the bacteria that leads to gum disease. Furthermore, oral bacteria may travel from your mouth through the bloodstream, where it may lead to possible systemic infections and illnesses that affect the heart, kidneys and other organs. Research has shown that once periodontal gum disease is established in the third molar areas, the problem is persistent and progressive, but may improve following extraction of the teeth. In some cases a fluid-filled cyst or tumor may form around the untreated wisdom tooth. As the cyst grows it may lead to more serious problems as it hollows out the jaw and damages surrounding nerves, teeth and other structures. (AAOMS.org) By taking the wisdom teeth out before their development is complete, most of these problems can be prevented.


Is the cold weather causing your Headache?

As we experience the cooler mornings and the change in the weather from the beautiful temperate fall we have experienced to the inevitable cold days, my patients will have a significant increase in the intensity and frequency of their headaches and earaches.  The headache can be anywhere in the head or face, with the most common being surprisingly in the occipital or back of the head and radiating forward to the forehead, eyes, or ears. Some individuals actually describe the headache as being everywhere! The 2nd most common TMJ symptom involves ear symptoms which can include ringing or buzzing ears, increased ear pressure, dizziness, or just obnoxious ear pain.   Most of my patients have been to one or several doctors and have received very limited acceptable relief only to experience the pain over and over again. Staying warm and relaxing in general can bring the desired relief from the suffering.  Many of my patients have revolved through this pain cycle numerous times accepting the idea they have headaches, ear or sinus problems, and after multiple repeated bouts have their doctor inform them the cause of all the pain is most likely a jaw joint problem (TMJ) leading to muscle tension pain.    Sounds a little unbelievable to many and investigating the recommended jaw problem (TMJ) is often postponed until the suffering patient is driven to action by desperation.    For free information guide “The Great Imposter” or answers to your questions call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, headaches, snoring or related subjects drdwight@thetmjcenter.com call 234-PAIN.


Yes!  According to WebMD, stress that continues without relief can lead to a condition call distress – a negative stress reaction.  Symptoms may show up as headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure, and sleep issues.  Stress may also worsen conditions such as diabetes, depression, heart problems, skin conditions, and more. To reduce the detrimental effects on YOUR body, we’re offering a number of classes and programs this Fall.  Our “Yoga for Persons with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes” class starts Friday, Oct. 24th.   Or, calm your energy with our “Balance Your Chakras” class starting on Monday, Oct. 27th.  You can also schedule a massage/cranial sacral/polarity session with our fabulous massage therapist!  Please visit excelweightloss.com for details or call our office at 233-0593.


What is edentulism?

Edentulism is the loss of teeth.  In the United States, edentulism is a major health problem and disability.  Edentulous patients can receive dental implants which can support their dentures and hold them in position thereby reducing mouth sores and improving tactile sense.
When you can’t feel food on the roof of your mouth, you loose tactile sense which also effects your taste and smell.  Dental implants in the upper jaw can allow your dentist to open up the middle part of your upper denture thereby improving your tactile sense.
If you are edentulous and hate your dentures, then ask your oral surgeon if you are a possbile candidate for dental implants.


Do You Have Muscle Tension Headaches?

 Headaches are the number one symptoms reported by patients and have a cause. Medication usually only camouflages the cause of the pain by reducing the cause and not really identifying the source of the problem.  There are basically three kinds of headaches.  There are severe headaches inside the skull known as migraine headaches.  Patients use the word migraine to communicate the severity of the headache when in reality it may not be a migraine headache at all. The most common headaches are muscle headaches better known as muscle tension headaches. The muscles on the surface of the skull and the face are the muscles that move your jaw.  Place you fingers over the muscle of the face and the side of the head and bite down hard. The chewing muscles will move as they cause the teeth to clench together. Press firmly!  Firm pressure on the muscle should not be any more painful than pressure on another muscle elsewhere on the body. The third kinds of headaches are from referred pain headaches. Referred pain usually come from a distant site such as muscle knots in the shoulders, back or neck that can cause headaches. Take a moment and press around and identify the tender points. Many of my patients are amazed at the extensive relief from finally identifying not only where the pain is, but more importantly what is the source of the pain and eliminate the future referral of the pain. For answers to your questions call The TMJ Sleep Center concerning chronic pain, TMJ, migraines, sleep apnea, headaches, snoring or related subjects  drdwight@thetmjcenter.com  call 234-PAIN.