Be bold

By Kalynn Brazeal

Seize the day. Carpe Diem. There is something majestic in there. I always feel so bold and strong when I think of that phrase. A person who is bold is a person who is grounded. Stay with me here. Young me was reactive in her boldness. She was bold after the fact, and she grew to be very combative. She learned to say no and then back up that no with firmness. She learned to stand up for herself. It was often loud and powerful. It was amazing but terribly immature.

Maturing in my faith, I have learned that boldness is confidence in myself, and frankly that confidence comes straight from knowing God has my back. As I embrace the years that have passed, I have begun to understand the transition from reactive to proactive. True boldness comes from being proactive. Instead of sitting and waiting, I’m working at initiating things around me. It really takes effort; I didn’t expect that.

For example, the beginning of the day gives you the perfect opportunity to seize the day. I have struggled with this for years. Going back to my job with the military, I was at my desk each morning at 6 a.m. Do the math — that meant I was up and moving with my children at 0400 each and every morning. There are few things in life that I like more than sleeping — cake is one, but sleeping is up there, too. For years, I would give into the urge to go back to bed any time I was given the chance. There is no boldness is that. Boldness for me is getting up and making my bed because my OCD self can not handle the thought of messing up a perfectly creased sheet and comforter. It’s truly a beautiful thing, isn’t it? So I seize my day each morning now and force myself to be bold. I get moving and see what I can conquer that day.

Boldness in your speech can be a challenge, too. Do you find yourself saying yes when you mean no? Do you bite your tongue rather than speak up to apologize whenever you are wrong? Do you swallow your protest when you see someone doing wrong or taking advantage? Then you need some boldness in your speech. Now, there is a big difference in being bold in your speech and being a jerk about it. I’m not pointing any fingers, but if you are yelling at your waitress, that’s not bold. That falls under the “your momma didn’t raise you with any manners” category. But there are times when you can be bold when you talk. Speak good things over the people around you. I’m getting better at this.

Be bold in your actions. There are many times we are spurred to movement, yet we hesitate and do not give in. Have you passed someone scrambling to pay for some groceries? Digging through their purse or wallet counting out bills and stressing? For a split second, were you tempted to pay their bill — and then you thought better? I only have enough for what I need. Money is tight for me, too, right now. Be bold in your giving. Swipe that debit card or toss the cashier some cash to cover them. That neighbor on the block with the house that needs repairs and a yard that is sad and out of sorts — when you mow your lawn, go mow theirs with a smile. Be bold in your caring. That single mom you know who works hard and juggles all her responsibilities — drop her off a gift card. Kids love McDonald’s, Chuck E. Cheese’s and Braum’s. Or even better than that, how about a gift card for an oil change? Be bold in taking care of the people around you.

Be bold in how you handle things, whether in your business dealings or your personal life. Because whether you call it blessings or karma, it always has a way of making things right. So be bold in your kindness. Be bold in your forgiveness. Be bold in your love. Don’t worry if you get a few weird looks or rude comments along the way. Be bold.

A former resident of Lava Hot Springs, Kalynn Brazeal is a conservative Christian wife/mom/country girl carrying around an MBA, several decades of business experience and a strong opinion. Now relocated to Oklahoma, she continues to share her column on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and cake. She can be reached by email at