Ben there, done that

By Michael O’Donnell

Having grown incensed by the constant accusations that the media doesn’t
really have the fortitude to engage in tough investigative journalism,
it’s time to expose the truth about Benghazi or Ben Gazzara – take your
Despite what the “lame stream media” might be trying to cover up, the two
are linked.
Sure, one is an actor and the other is an act, but the stage plays a
vital part for both.
A determined Congressional investigation is trying to get to the bottom
of what really went wrong in Benghazi. People died. It happened on the
anniversary of 911 and a Democratic administration was in charge – this
time. It’s the perfect trifecta of treason in the minds of the Fox
Fox columnist Dan Gainor put it best.
“The Obama administration has lied, stonewalled, bullied, and
intimidated,” Gainor said about Benghazi. “And, with a few notable
exceptions, the American media haven’t just let them get away it. Heck,
they’ve helped.”
I’ve always had respect for a journalist willing to use the word “heck.”
After all, war is heck.
And it takes a self-described “Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and Vice
President for Business and Culture for the Media Research Center,” to set
us straight on the world of heck. That description comes from his own
biography published on the News Busters website that includes the
important declaration that it is dedicated to: “Exposing and Combating
Liberal Media Bias.”
Other soldiers in this battle for the truth include Ann Coulter, who
hasn’t been the same since that house fell on her sister in the “Wizard
of Oz.” But let’s not hold those bony biases against the endless battle
for truth, justice and the American way.
It pains me to expose that the media has ignored the connection between
Benghazi and Ben Gazzara.
Do you want to accept that the names simply sound alike?
If you can embrace the idea that former Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton and President Barrack Obama were clinking glasses of sherry while
seated on lawn chairs in the Rose Garden while ambassador to Libya, Chris
Stephens, and four others died in a nasty attack, then you need to see
the truth about Ben Gazzara.
The trail of suspicion runs deep with this actor.
Sure he was allegedly born in New York City, but his parents had Sicilian
roots. The first clue is that Ben dropped one “R” from his last name. His
parents were actually Gazzarras. Was there something about that extra “R”
that made them embarrassed. Let’s not dismiss this. Good journalists mind
their “Ps, Qs and Rs.”
According to his own words, Ben said that the discovery of his love for
acting saved him from “”a life of crime during his teen years.” Following
that admission of criminal tendencies, Gazzara turned to Hollywood and
was a mainstream actor for a television series based on “actual case
studies”” from something as suspect as the Legal Aid Society of New York
to bring the world the popular TV series, “Justice.”
America was in the middle of the Cold War at the time and guys like
Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy were busy smoking out communists. Who
would have the audacity to star in a television series that touted a
“legal aid society?” Ben Gazzara is who.
Of course the only logical next move was to star in a series called “Run
for Your Life.”
In this bit of theater, Gazzara played the part of an attorney who was
told he had just months to live. He lasted three years – long enough to
win nominations for Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Can there be any
coincidence that Hillary Clinton is only three years from the next
presidential election nomination? I think not.
Despite the television exposure, Ben Gazzara took a brazen role as a
decorated U.S. Army veteran in Otto Preminger’s movie “Anatomy of a
Murder.” He did hide behind Jimmy Steward and George C. Scott.
Of course, Gazzara ultimately exposed – at least to the movie world –
his true guilt as a scoundrel and heartless exploiter of American values
late in his career. Ben played the more than obvious – if not
cartoon-like character – Brad Wesley in the redneck fantasy film, “Road
Patrick Swayze was the hero who brought Zen violence to a southern
community where beer, babes and brutality ruled. He bravely displaced it
with beer, babes and bully-bashing. It was the perfect storm of American
justice and Ben Gazzara went down in flames.
There was no hiding for this villain.
Ben Gazzara, like Benghazi was exposed.
You can play the cool, arrogant big shot who rules the world, but sooner
or later someone with grit shows up and holds you accountable for your
atrocities. Just ask George W. Bush.

Michael H. O’Donnell is the assistant managing editor of the Idaho State