Bergdahl rescue satisfies Obama’s lawlessness craving

By Neal Larson

There are a lot of things wrong with the Bowe Bergdahl return, not least is that he was likely getting better healthcare from the Taliban than he will from the VA system.

Contrasting President Obama’s handling of reclaiming Bowe Bergdahl with the current captivity of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in Mexico, one wonders if Tahmooressi’s chance of rescue would increase if he had been an anti-American deserter, instead of the hero he is. Seems those who hate America attract favorable attention from our Commander-in-Chief. That might not be fair, however. Maybe the President just hasn’t figured out a way to bring Tahmooressi home unlawfully and outside the purview of Congress. Or, maybe he’s trying to determine which of the most lethal remaining Gitmo terrorists to free in another trade deal.

Forgive my indulgence in cynicism, but the entire Bergdahl recovery is a smorgasbord sufficient to engorge an army of cynics. The 30-day Congressional notification law broken by President Obama had no provision for “exigent” circumstances. Only kings and tyrants assert such extra-legal privilege. Meanwhile, back at the Rose Garden, giving the microphone to Bob Bergdahl — an apparent Taliban sympathizer and facial hair imitator — was an amateurishly foolish decision. Maybe Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright will get their press conference next week, and Louis Farrakhan the week after that. Procuring a captive deserter from the Taliban is not cause for a rah-rah photo op and getting all huggy with the deserter’s parents. At most a carefully worded press release in a spirit of solemnity would have been more appropriate. Furthermore, a chorus of pundits and lawmakers from all corners have condemned the terms of the “trade” for Bowe in which the Taliban gets five of their heroes and we get one deserter, proof that President Obama has been boning up on his Common Core math.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Susan Rice must be getting tired of having to go out on the Sunday shows to deliver false narratives — ok, infuriating lies — about politically explosive blunders by the administration. At some point she’s going to get confused, conflate all the Obama lies, and say that if you like the inflammatory YouTube video that led to Bowe’s captivity, you can keep it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Bowe is back in American hands, like I’m glad when I have a double cheeseburger in my hands — only to find out later I paid a thousand bucks for it. The cost was too high. As a dad myself, I don’t fault the Bergdahl’s for doing everything they could to get Bowe back or supporting the President’s actions. They — and the whole town of Hailey — get to wear rose colored glasses as much as they want. We’d all want the hometown kid to come back and they have my full sympathies. They have been spending the last five years, for crying out loud, attached to the idea of and planning for a heroic return for Bowe. But the rest of us don’t live in that bubble of forgivable bias.

The rest of us have to deal with the reality of a President who, at best, observes law only when it’s convenient to him — and at worst deliberately looks for ways to flout it. Democrats — a few vocally but most quietly — are getting alarmed at his hubris in deciding which laws are and aren’t worth following. I think he’s disappointed when he finds out ex post facto that he did something legally that he could have done unlawfully. It’s much more fun for him to extend a big middle finger to Congress, the American people, and the Constitution. Obeying the law would set a bad precedent, and doesn’t exert his political power far enough to meet his appetite.

I’m guessing getting Bowe back — the way he did — gave him a good rush.

Neal Larson of Idaho Falls is a conservative talk show host on KID Newsradio 590am and 92.1fm, and also at “The Neal Larson Show” can be heard weekday mornings from 8:00 to 10:00. His email address is