Ron Daugherty Commentary

“Did Idaho lawmakers support our state citizenry and promote a free marketplace, or merely initiate more bloated governance? You decide, Idaho. Review our 2015 Freedom Index Legislative Evaluation.”
Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) President Wayne Hoffman

Oh no, another Idaho Legislative session begins shortly! Now how will they entrap more state citizens into social and federal slavery? All of the objectives from residents were not addressed at all during the last three sessions. Who are they representing? Nobody. They enslave.
Truly on behalf of the people and free-marketing, citizens and Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) suggest a 10-point “to-do-list” for the 2016 legislature:
1. Lower and cut taxes in general
2. Grocery Tax repeal.
3. No Medicaid expansion.
4. Terminate any political pension payoffs.
5. Secure Idaho from federal lands management.
6. Civil asset-forfeiture repeal. Due process matters.
7. Student and citizen privacy protection.
8. Stop the spending splurge. Promote zero debt.
9. Allow citizen videos of committee meetings.
10. Publically report all state government lobbying.
Will they listen and address issues? As a norm, all issues shall undoubtedly follow blind/hearing-impaired custom and be again totally ignored with little hope of any sensible prosperity but further lock-step welfare mentality. Nevertheless, I’ll report back to readers after our present session ends….
I don’t worry so much about local Muslims. We have present law on our side. Just follow it! The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 – now Public Law 414 – establishes regulation and intent regarding the immigration of aliens into the US and remains in effect today. Read particularly Chapter 2, Section 212 of the law which state legislatures, Obama, and Congress criminally ignore.
It’s our state legislature that distresses me. I must courageously say that legislators simply know not what they do. Except for a hand full, as long as most have been seated, they haven’t known for years. I’ll be more specific. It seems citizens purely voted in home-town buddies and likable neighbors – NOT for their knowledgeable, objective representation of and for the people of Idaho. As you might imagine, I’ll indeed name names of those within our area with undermining agendas and, yes, by criminally socialist mindsets. Most certainly, I mean “criminal minds!” They don’t know what people need or desire, nor in fact do they care. They don’t follow or understand valid Constitutions, neither our own state nor national Constitutions. Frankly, they don’t wish knowing or following. Most legislators are merely padding retirements in the collective name of the people, people who can’t and won’t be able to fund their own retirements but must without the slightest due process fund do-nothing legislators into their graves. I think such is referred to as “long-term financial slavery,” in devious modern terminology.
State legislators definitely know not what they do, nor what they’re supposed to be doing. Case in point: we’ve tried now twice in five years lowering and devising a more friendly state taxing program. Both times failed. With the more recent, no “compromising agreement” could be achieved. In truth, they have no idea how to handle finances or taxation because they just can’t kill a fat golden cow. The citizenry be damned.
For our immediate area of the state, allow me to introduce our seated scandalous reps working against us every day while in Idaho legislative session. Each delegate is down from 38% citizen-effectiveness to an embarrassing 20% of little to no notable effort on state community behalf. Why are they there?
Considering those listed in order of malfunction: Mark Nye D-Pocatello 38%, Kelley Packer R-McCammon 33%, Neil Anderson R-Blackfoot 30%, and Elaine Smith R-Pocatello 21% seated in the Idaho House are grossly failing Idaho and residents in it. They’re enemies of the state, to say the least!
Only Ken Andrus R-Lava Hot Springs holds top-of-the-class, earning 53% during 2015. The people are indeed thankful for him and his annual, consistent position in their collective behalf.
In state Senate, declining from 45% to 20% of ridiculous illicit catastrophe, Steve Bair R-Blackfoot, Jim Guthrie R-McCammon, and Roy Lacey D-Pocatello are embarrassing examples. We’ve got to feel empathy for the all the folks in McCammon especially. They basically have no representation for people living there. Pocatello certainly lags behind as well.
Our voting tragedy doesn’t end there with our local gang of seven. Idaho sovereignty is deteriorating by discouraging, dead-head leadership throughout our state legislation, while initiating socialist/welfare dependence upon us, each and all. In fact, “our parasitic federal government owns 62% of Idaho lands” (IFF, “The Insider,” fall 2015).
Examining more deeply, nonetheless, Senate leadership fails us by a combined score of 39% ineffectivity. Only Caucus Chair Grant Burgoyne, D-Boise, earned 50% effectiveness benefiting people and the state at least half the time.
Even worse, four Budget committee leaders totally bankrupt us with combined results of 32% budget irrelevance. They support welfare, sinkhole, and federally owned statehood. I’ll declare unflinchingly that Senate Chair Shawn Keough, Senate Vice-Chair Dan Johnson, House Chair Maxine Bell, and House Vice-Chair Marc Gibbs must either be locked-up or relocated to another state, perhaps into another country. They’re NOT improving Idaho whatsoever!
Idaho House leadership fairs a bit better with an overall 44% grade; yet still a majority in the House are more likely to support fat governance, inflated taxation, and ever-increasing government regulatory management, leading us directly into submissive slavery. Crimes against state citizenry persist.
Evaluating the entire state legislation, only two folks shine in the Senate and in the House – House Heather Scott R-Blanchard 98% and Senate Bob Nonini R-Coeur d’Alene at 85% supportive success.
Absolute useless bottom-feeders are House Paulette Jordan D-Plummer and Senate Dan Schmidt D-Moscow both forsaking Idaho at 19% performance for the people.
If anyone employed showed such inadequate percentage numbers demonstrating totally inferior performance at a work assignment, they’d be most certainly fired as not even being re-trainable.
Depressing basis of facts are, however, that voters actually sent the majority of those criminal minds against state citizenry into Boise to accomplish their tricks, cons, deals, pacts, offenses, misdeeds, backroom shenanigans and boondoggles.
To examine, the primary restriction regarding Idaho voting procedure is the “simple majority selection concept.” It’s been killing us for years. Politicos logging the most votes, by whoever actually shows up at the poles, win themselves seats in governance, seats in Boise, or seats in empty rooms.
Locally I’ve witnessed a mere 1200 votes, or much less, could install living humans into state legislature, a mayor’s position, or a member of city council, even a tax collector or city manager. We’ve all seen folks secure significant governing positions with just 600 to 800 votes within our particular city of some 62,000, with roughly half as registered voter potential. And we wonder why nothing legislatively works by fair representative commonsense beyond smiling faces?
There always has been a simple solution to simple majorities sending and placing mummies, scarecrows, straw men and women, the literally embalmed, the walking dead, ghosts or phantom ghouls, smiling faces, and/or hollow individuals into high places of civic responsibility: require by revised law at least 75% approval from an registered electorate for winning positions or please stay home. That would be honored, true representation with desirable candidates.
Be aware though that for a few voting years while voters get-the-idea, not many selectees would be going anywhere. In reality, most would never make into governance. For now, anybody standing without help and still breathing can be anointed for office or so ordained for life…with outstanding retirement benefits.
Nevertheless, getting back to effective-grading evaluations of legislators, at the end of 2015 I wonder too what effective score Governor Butch might earn? But then I’d be questioning if minus-numbers were possible…?
So, considering, who’s encouraged, fellow citizens?
Truth is that during at least the last 25 or more years, there have indeed existed by legislative criminal welfare intent both conjuring and promoting deteriorating self-agendas among us. They strive to counteract any aspect of liberty at numerous levels of governance – local, state and national – while practicing economic and social discrimination. They strive to deactivate any opposition, who are seeking fair, representative liberties encouraging people with citizenry advancement. Yet in today’s world, they’re referred to as “annoying intra-terrorists.” Then ponder this – so be it.
Legislators, a last word of advice and caution, in the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, England, generations of enslaved men, women, and children are remembered. Engraved upon a wall of the museum is a profound observation by Frederick Douglass, former slave and human rights and free opportunity crusader, which reads, “No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without also finding the other end fastened about his own neck.” Gentlemen, by either conscious or unconscious actions dehumanizing state citizens, you dehumanize yourselves in the end.
By the way, anyone recall historically Hitler’s terms for “opposition challenges” back in the day? Research.