Ron Daugherty Commentary

“A sluggish economy continues” (USAToday, 1/29/16) is an obvious understatement, for sure.
There’s a myriad collection of pie in the sky, rose colored glasses, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, blatant denial, and infinite ignorance regarding financial futures within our country, state, city, and world. “Just tell people what they like to hear” is the name of sick misinformation gaming. Keep the people calm. If they don’t like it, tell them anything. In truth, there are enormous differences between being ethereally optimistic or disgustingly unrealistic.
Well, folks, the US is not in recovery, no matter what we thought was heard in the State of the (disarray) Union address. Get on-board for a new ride. A desperate country continues looking for every dollar it can find or steal from citizens. Plus, there exists internal Wars on everything! There, I’ve said it all loud and clear….
From major recession years, now economic stagnation and/or further decline is peeking from around corners. Feel it in the air. Even Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores worldwide, 154 in America, announced January 15, 2016. Wal-Mart, for heaven-sakes. Sears and now also K-Mart gone as well from our desperate town giving away taxpayer money to new business ventures who don’t need it. Recovery? In our town, simply allowing and building new restaurants doesn’t a thriving economic Mecca make. Fact is, from around the country, the most involved segment of economy is auto sales, because one can finance vehicles for seemingly 25-years with sellers on their knees begging buyers to take their stuff!
But much more serious, ever-changing concerns are developing. It’s projected that the US Stock Market during 2016 will lose over 20%, conservatively estimating. The DOW to drop 80%. In addition, cash confiscation is becoming a rushing surge into our global future, led by America and most European countries attempting to control and trace cash flow. Norway’s largest bank calls for an end of cash over unspecified “fears of illegal activity,” reported this week. Denmark intends to eradicate cash by 2030. Sweden is already nearly cashless. Spain now bans euro cash flows within certain amount restrictions.
But focus, hot off American presses: “The US Treasury will begin tracking cash buyers of prime American real estate. It has launched a test-program to track all-cash buyers of high-end real estate in New York and Miami, as US properties become favored destinations for foreigners and US citizens, looking to launder questionable assets,” Financial Times, January 2016 issue.
In reality, cunningly and subtly for years, banks casually have been asking from where large cash deposits were acquired by depositors. I’ve been asked in Pocatello several times, answering honestly of course. But then I ask, isn’t that my business? Clerks simply slyly smile.
Nonetheless, as a “test criminality detection program” by the US Treasury, it sounds on the surface as beneficial. Yet in reality, the feds are at it again, demanding that select industry compromise client privacy because of “probable” criminal activity of sorts – real or not.
For over ten years now I’ve been warning and informing readers of historically false tendencies involving capital, discrimination and taxation controls, each totally without due process, as manipulated aspects of declining Western and states budget-struggling woes, particularly in our area with Idaho’s grotesque spending practices and constant inequitable and hidden-fees taxation.
For years it’s occurred to me that at some point in time, governance may well attempt to eliminate paper money in favor of electronic currency transactions for tracking-control purposes, with major banks assisting. Countries needed an excuse.
Obvious facts are that along with now “marshal law” possible within America, as was an executive order issued last week again to little or no public coverage, the middle class, sooner not later, will come under attack from its own governance. In the 21st century, it seems a damning process is expanding and quickening into a most negative evolution of reality.
Though at times frustrating, one can honestly inform fellow citizens with historic truths, but still be denied media exposure because such writings seem “too implausible or complicated within our monitored community.” Small town mentality often doesn’t permit general public awareness concerning socially significant issues, until much too late. In some cases, contributed commentaries and articles end up on blog websites which few people access or read. Informed cautions are then lost to the majority.
However, mind-boggling and improbable, as information might seem, worldwide governments could certainly agree with cash elimination and jump onto controlling money measures based upon contrived justifications, citing cash misuse and/or hording.
Again, consider economic developments during the last six to eight months…whispers of another new kind of war – a War on Cash. Such conflict could equally affect cash savings within home safes which many families maintain while not trusting institutions under fed controls and regulations, related to traditional banking that is not pro-private-consumer-friendly since recession years. Savers earn nothing significant any longer from banks at all. So what good are they? Maybe only catering to or scalping business development nowadays.
Economist Jeff Thomas affirms within his article, “The International War on Cash,” that initial warring on cash is in fact underway with “test currency programming” in major economic-power countries.
Contemplate, however, a probable following phase progression. It could include promised manipulated slavery within many Western countries – Japan and Australia as well – along with America naturally. Consequently, even promising make-believe disappears. “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best,” and “Happy Days” are vanished folklore.
Actuality enters. Future cash wars might include 1) created false flags that cash breeds funding evil around the world and nation, 2) declaring a specific date when cash paper holdings become illegal, 3) resulting in having to deposit all held cash into select banks sanctioned by state and government at zero interest rates, 4) and then, as would follow, finally comes confiscation of deposits implemented by member banks and governance for various fabricated reasons, “all for the good of the people.”
Additionally, considering a topic dear to my heart, and over the years subject of numerous articles, taxation then too becomes “direct debt” and could well be declared “property of an issuing state and/or nation,” either of which would permit freezes or confiscates of bank accounts at will by law.
You’ll agree a frightening situation indeed.
So how and when might we prepare for such future events, if not for ourselves then with our grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Openly inform and educate young people to the ghostly horrors of financial futures. Don’t worry. Youth can handle it if informed. Watch for and understand other countries or jurisdictions that don’t and won’t accept big government controls or such electronic takeovers in any sense. Help young people become aware of stronger, developing societies limiting restrictive government. Subsequently with shared knowledge and confidence, prepare to transfer assets, invest, train and learn within and about those cultural areas. Instill that future employment occurs in an open global workplace.
Remember, sparks of an eventual War on Cash are evident. But with sparks developing into sizable full-blown fires, it’ll be critically difficult for most people functioning about their daily business (if employed at all) and thinking everything is thriving, while internalizing what’s going on under their noses. They’ll suddenly feel left out in a proverbial arctic cold. Smart money however is on those who begin making hard but creative choice-decision-making within their families now. Don’t wait for when your choices won’t matter….
Duck and cover! In-coming!