Ron Daugherty Commentary

Misinformation overflows. Our so called open, upfront and available B.H. Obama ignores noteworthy information he doesn’t want or wish citizens to know, with of course help from a deceased Congress, who knows not what or why they do anything. Let’s tackle a couple of most remarkable items and issues of misinformation: Radical Islam global status and Obama’s Affordable Care Act, though “affordable” is revoltingly laughable, and “care act” appears a meaningless reference, as millions have found out to date.
First, concerning Radical Islam, both the US Congress and Obama must collectively take off their smoke-colored glasses and donkey blinders. Shocking new poll information from the Pew Research Center reveals “not rejection but support for, specifically, ISIS within the Muslim world,” (, November 2015).
Only one of four Muslims views ISIS adversely. Surprisingly the fact has been under-reported now for over a year throughout the world, although as we know and understand ISIS now is posing deadly unannounced worldwide threats somewhere almost bi-weekly, as nations allow them to do so.
In order of highest support to lowest, become aware of Lebanon, Israel, Jordon, Palestine, Indonesia, Turkey, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Malaysia, Senegal and Pakistan. From the eleven Muslim representative nation/states, up to 14% of the total population holds favorable opinions of ISIS activity, and a most significant 62% “don’t know” whether or not they have favorable opinions (or won’t say) about the Islamist terrorist gang.
Most discouraging considering Pakistan, now a nuclear weapons country to whom we’ve paid billions of taxpayer dollars, a mere 28% of Pakistani’s view ISIS with hostility. The ultimate question is – what do you think ISIS would do with even small nuclear weaponry when, not if, supported and supplied?
With such researched information, though placed on the back burner by general news media, when analyzed by ethnicity and religion, results become equally troubling which nobody on the street is talking about or showing serious concern. In Israel for example, 4% of its Arab population – equating to some 66,000 people – have a positive opinion of ISIS. Who would have known?
What’s a sum total of investigative documentation then? Considering within the eleven representative nations, favorable ratings for ISIS indicate at least 63-million supporters, potentially up to 287-million individuals if the “undecided” become included calculations, nearly the entire population of our country.
Where’s concern from governance, any governance? Where is known information citizens must be aware of beyond what we’re simply told by “politically correct” disinformation, leaving most of us lost within a silence of ignorance?
Worse examples are distressing as well. It’s not becoming a pretty portrait, I’m afraid. The Buddhist population within Malaysia maintains substantial support for ISIS, where reported that more than one-third of those polled either considered ISIS favored or didn’t have other negative opinions.
Aside from the 11 countries researched, non-negligible Christians – 5% in Burkina Faso and 7% in Nigeria – also showed favorable opinions. ISIS unfavorability ratings, however, indicated up to 66-77% among Christians generally, it’s projected.
What else is not known to us from around the globe, Washington?
Next, consider the second disgustingly mistaken aspect of hidden misinformation, “Obamacare-less,” which is the largest tax increase ever in the US, hidden within hundreds of deceptive verbiage pages we all had to read and digest after passed by our representatives in Congress. Stupid still is as stupid was! It has become a completely promise-breaking misnomer for millions of consumers, never before witnessed within our borders.
Entering into its fourth year of taxpayer theft, though showing inconsistency, Obamacare program premiums are generally rising 8 to 10% annually for the same coverage annually, revealing negligible decreases. Ugly numbers crop-up across the country: Premiums in Alaska are up 31.5%. Oklahoma’s nearly 36% jump went even higher into 66% of late. One could easily pay out $20,000 for healthcare coverage during 2016! Folks will now become truly ill.
Rising out-of-pocket expenses won’t only shock now into coming years but shall place many of those struggling to pay up into coma. Other shocks include co-op failures across the country. Utah and Arizona recently joined a parade of those shutting down operations, leaving consumer-victims without coverage, and bestowing three-digit and higher penalties pending.
By April 2015, eighteen medical coverage plans in nine states lacked specialists within 100-mile search areas. Psychiatry, rheumatology and endocrinology commonly excluded. Any treatment out-of-coverage can then cost patients half to more expense additionally out-of-empty-pockets.
Also, make no mistake about it, Obamacare is Hillarycare in disguise. It is what she couldn’t get done during her husband’s presidency. She simply says, “The law is working well,” and plans to build on it by imposing more government “market-crushing regulations with more pricing controls.” That should go over big with besieged commerce and drug conglomerates….
And don’t forget, both Hillary Rodham and Barack Hussein also dismissively minimized the recent VA healthcare scandal which still hasn’t improved, stating that “VA problems were purely overblown by ideological Republicans….”
In reality, however, 55 to 65% of the people and veterans favor private options within healthcare in America, and that both populations are “worse off.”
To whichever it is referred, Hillarycare or Obamacare, it’s failing citizens. It’s not a successful program. Government expansion must not occur any longer. It only demonstrates federal governance corruption, dictated fraudulent crimes against the people, and sheer Washington incompetence.
Citizens are penalized a thousand-fold just for being alive, like no other civilized area of the world. We don’t receive reliable information most of the time from media nor from selected representation. In America over more than 100-years, we have paid for the highest medical care ever, the most taxation, and consistent two-party governance continues flushing us down the proverbial toilet of freedom-less humanity.
Pursuing knowledge and considering either Radical Islam’s global status or King Obama’s healthcare swindle, we’re losing control of our communal society by not knowing the truth while being openly defrauded by our own dictatorial governance, state or national.
Man has lost control over anything. A much higher godly being must retrieve us promptly …extremely rapidly. The Bible instructs: “We must obey God rather than men,” Acts 5:29. “For kingship belongs only to the Lord, and He rules over nations,” Psalm 22:28.