Ron Daugherty Commentary

Similar to no other historic period prior, to say that present times appear outrageous is an absolute understatement, most certainly. Most people without knowing until it’s too late find basic freedoms declining. Entire governments are bankrupt. Central banks are already or becoming insolvent. Financial systems in general are barely holding together by a patchwork, catch-as-catch-can maze of almost no interest rates, currency manipulations, globally misguided confidence, and misinformation propaganda based upon rampant ineptitude.
Phony experts tell us to spend our way into false prosperity, buy cars, take lots of medicinal drugs, dine-out regularly, and then borrow on indebtedness out of further unmanageable debt no one can hope to eliminate. And as it follows, don’t tell anyone that we’re failing as a nation within a conniving, hateful, welfare world. Perhaps worst of all, we give complete control over our national finances to unelected, non-representative bureaucrats who constantly demonstrate utterly failing track-records sanctioned by Congress. We finally ignore the stated fact that “functional wealth (if now possible) and influential national power are shifting, big time, by subtle wars of cyberspace-electronics.”
Everybody knows and understands that we demand a new future plan strategy because we just keep on digging a larger outhouse hole to contain more and more discharged incoming feces – not a pretty parable regarding any acceptable future.
Voters are not helping by sending elected representatives, on behalf of our social citizenry, who quickly earn failing grades from efforts not in the slightest promoting community development, business stimulation, nondiscrimination, offering low to no parasitic taxation, or allowing people to achieve anything profitably.
Within southeastern Idaho, except for one individual, local state representatives hold consistent Freedom Foundation failing grades each legislative session. At the national level, one representative in particular has logged F to F- performance from 1999 into 2016. As a result of our selections in the voting booth, we should feel ashamed. Seated straw-men promote nothing, zero, F, zilch…pure oblivion. They should pay back salaries, including the governor.
Nationally, over six-months ago economists predicted 165,000 more workers would go back to work. Nothing near that occurred beyond slight part-time movement. Unemployment remained at 7.8 million.
Of late, January 2016, economists indicated that nonfarm employment rose by 151,000. Oops, not quite. Unemployed again remained at 7.8 million.
By mid-February more than half the January number of workers were again laid-off after winter holidays from mostly temporary positions.
With each compared prediction, the manipulated fed numbers are embarrassingly puny at any rate. In actuality our huge able-to-workforce, nearly the population size of Los Angeles, remains unemployed, expecting little hope of any immediate change. Are economists simply delusional? If 151,000 suddenly became employed, from where did they come? Out of clouds? How do economic talking-heads earn their worth anyway…?
“Stocks dragged lower on weak jobs report,” USAToday, February 5, 2016.
As of February 6, 2016 on home base Idaho, Governor Otter demands an 8.5% state budget increase without necessary tax relief! Considering, what planet does he live on? Consider also present state debt of $6.2 billion dollars, and state spending, as of this writing, growing into $11.8 billion. Hence, a $5.4 billion dollar difference. Folks, when you’re spending more than even your state debt limit, you’re in bankruptcy mode. Hello, Idaho!
Visit online the “State of Idaho Debt Clock.” Watch for only one-minute, and become totally flabbergasted and dumbfounded with governance.
February 9, 2016, Obama announced his $4.1-trillion budget for the year, another sign of looming collapse. Income, assets and retirement are at risk.
After visiting “Idaho’s Debt Clock,” also visit national indebtedness at “US Debt” rapidly approaching $23-trillion, then notice the “Interest on the Debt” line! We own more debt shown than all countries of the world combined.
Problems don’t stop with debt. Right along with our state the feds are killing us off one by one deliberately. Take note. “The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the largest multinational trade “deals” ever, is now signed by 12 member nations, accounting for 45% of the global economy, and other nations could also join in. Barack says the agreement “puts American workers first.” Hearing that, become immediately suspect. Nothing more further from truth. It puts workers only “first” in unemployment lines once again.
Two restrictive problems come to mind: Obama is nothing more than a string-puppet for western banking interests merely moving to camouflage and inflate their increasing global control through TPP. It doesn’t involve workers at all. It’s a disaster that places corporations equal with welfare nation-states. Guess who wins over? Right. Those 1% western money-elites yet again.
Truth? TPP is another shady authoritarian design to further solidify “global excessiveness” while shamelessly squeezing out average, struggling, working citizens.
And guess what. There’s more to come. Another “sister treaty” is being developed for the Atlantic side of the world. Taken whether we like it or not together, the two agreements bring on “technocracy” to manage the 21st century already expected to end up in that proverbial preordained outhouse toilet.
Such actions resemble any earlier event within our British/American history? Back in the day in a basement of Congress under closed lock and key, the same parasitic, deceptive behavior gave rise to the formulated Magna Carta…resulting in several following hellish revolutions.
In 1215, the highly unpopular King John of England drafted a dictated plan to force peace between him and a group of 25 rebel barons which seemingly offered numerous “protections” primarily for the King. His deceptive concepts influenced in due course American colonists during development of our 1787 Constitution.
We simply cannot seem to learn from history. Instead, we compound civil failure after failure.
Faced with 21st century trends, what can we do individually? Remain skeptical. Don’t believe what you’ll hear about “technocracy’s accomplishments” as it emerges into public societies. Attempt to avoid its results, if at all possible.
Like everything else desperate elites are initiating, expansion of such regimes will neither be stabling, balancing, nor reliable. Use personal best judgments. Knowledge about what’s actually going on around us, proposed in our collective best interests, is our best defense, and perhaps our only remaining defiance.
Recession continues to enslave…as it continues on into a New Depression.