Ron Daugherty commentary

Ever wonder about what you’ve personally given away during life? Do you wonder why some states have little taxation, or no taxation? Why do 14 western states feel resentment with federal land ownership, including Alaska and Hawaii? Is there any doubt why Article IV, Section 3 of our national Constitution receives divisive arguments within the courts? That Article V is not simplified in procedure or utilized more often? Ever contemplate that financial and social discrimination are both wholly practiced by the fed within western states? Ask what is a truly sovereign state. What does one look like? Is it “terroristic” to propose that state rights can be asserted and enforced? Most definitely, it’s about time those rights were enforced fervently, especially within western terra firma. The time is right!
On home ground since July 3, 1890 to date, Idaho has never been an independent sovereign state, with its people merely secondary consideration throughout statehood. We don’t follow our own outdated state Constitution and, of late, nobody adheres to the national Constitution either. It’s simply a document of words used and/or manipulated when issues benefit self-interests…or not. We don’t seemingly know what to do with ourselves as a statehood. So outsiders run us.
Historically, Justice John Marshall affirmed (1802) that US Congress was granted “absolute and indisputable powers of governance” which had nothing to do with out-of-state ownerships by government itself.
Idaho Constitution nails its own coffin with Article 21, Section 19, specifically, as it “disclaims federal lands at the time of statehood,” which doesn’t imply such disclaimer every year thereafter. Why confiscate state lands anyway? It’s states jurisdiction.
Some may say that The Idaho Admissions Act, particularly Section 7, is further “re-enforcement for fed-owned land.” Such is simply ludicrous, incorrect, and gross misinformation. It means only that when a “state public land sale” occurs, certain “money goes to state schools.” The document, in fact, was penned July 4, 1889 when Idaho wasn’t even a recognized state, and is undoubtedly invalid without relevance. Besides, Idaho schools have continually functioned under-funded for many years. So Idaho’s Section 7 has never confirmed anything.
All the Preamble of The Idaho Admissions Act states is that “Idaho remains on an equal footing with original states in all aspects.” Vague and no big deal at best.
Nevertheless, it’s a whole brave new world, national attitude, and social anti-behavior nowadays. Ancient bogus laws and disclaimer regulations between states and feds may become indeed modified. They’re rarely cut in stone. Texas as an example has written strong codes and laws to protect and/or promote Texas sovereignty, and a mere 1.9% of its huge statehood is fed owned. I for one am proud of them. Idaho, take a lesson.
Let’s understand, according to a 2012 Congressional Research Service report, which is not collected annually but erratically, the federal government with endless taxpayer money from the citizenry owns roughly 635-million acres of 2.27-billion acres that is America. That doesn’t appear intimidating. But most of that ownership is in western America. That is threatening to westerners.
Western states are held federal welfare entities. According to the US Department of Interior, when states allow federal lands within their borders, they receive fed payments and “extra incentives” in lieu of taxes lost (PILT). As example in 2013, states received and divided up by percentages $400-million in PILT payments with a host of “economic benefits” involving national parks, tourism, and matched-funds projects, for instance. One can obviously guess that those dollars are embarrassing lower than actual land area values. States generally lose out restrained under fed dealings. Feds are not friends.
If such land-records information are even correct, as we’ve become aware concerning the quality of congressional recordkeeping, we’re each through state and federal income taxes paying for areas within nation-states we don’t actually own or in most cases can’t traverse. If we may enter and visit such held areas, we again pay additional fees and permits to enjoy un-owned state lands. Double taxation to sickening degrees!
Central and eastern states – by explicit discrimination – hold a lot less federal ownership, embarrassingly little in comparison. Who knows why and how the fed selects areas without the slightest due process opportunity? My guess is, as always, follow the money. It’s whatever they wish to choose for agenda-benefit. The people be damned. Consider that around the US; federally owned land is as high as 84.5% in the west as within central and eastern states as low as 0.3% fed ownership.
Idaho, for specific example, holds federal land ownership of 50.2% and growing. Montana has the least at 29.9% to Nevada with an outlandish 84.5% control. Basically the feds don’t yet own Las Vegas…I guess the entire remaining state is enough.
Why is Nevada even a state? Is it then any wonder they don’t need taxation? They’re a “fed-kept” state.
In truth, the feds actually own 14 western states, including Alaska at 70% and Hawaii with a lesser 19% fed-owned land. All ready they provided billions of dollars over the years, without considering their residential holdings as well. No other central US or eastern states have such high percentages of land assets as in western states. Google “Imbalance of Owned Federal Lands.” Then weep while examining comparative illustrations.
You ask then – is the west really free? Ultimately, then anger overcomes…Get the Feds out of the west, and don’t believe that it’s not possible at this point in time!
In the west, we’re taxed into graves. Our taxes flow endlessly into Washington, and then are allotted into states for tagged government ownership. As mentioned, for people to use such land, if in fact we’re allowed, we pay still more taxes and fees to utilize it. I reiterate – hidden double-taxation….
Anyway…. Hooray for the grand size of Texas – only 1.9% fed owned! We in Idaho had better clean the writing off our walls, and begin partnering with Texas regarding how they’ve managed to keep federals out unless requested or invited. Texas should become our priority statewide “Brother State.”
As an aside, by the way, “Sister-City Countries” being primarily useless and pompous showmanship of governance, concerning budget-struggling Pocatello, our “Sister Cities” – Iwamizawa, Japan and Kwaremanguel, Burkina Faso – aren’t worth time, cost and effort involved. Disregard artificial smiling faces during photo-opts.
Why do we allow such illogical, erratic invasions into Idaho? For what resulting worth? Why allow governance to own us, dictate to us, as do Washington schemes and Idaho legislative compliance annually? Residents, are you living better by any of it, or are we all held inside a pressure-tank-vacuum being propagandized into acceptance? You decide. Have we all sold out?
Take back your state, people!