Ron Daugherty Commentary

Remembering the long-time surviving backbone of America, now however middle class success and earning power are evaporating before our eyes from within surprising US states, as census and financial data indicate. Houses of cards are falling. As a result, understanding reliable future reality, improvements anytime soon aren’t showing promising change.
Livable wages, well paying employment, and hence general buying power for middle class state citizenry are dying away. Additional welfare states surely shall appear onto a discouraging list sooner or later – I hate to admit – guaranteed.
Which are those identified states? For the first time period in our history, a depressing list of ten exists and includes: Maine, Rhode Island, North & South Carolinas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Montana – perhaps most unanticipated – New York and California. You won’t see or hear about such information on either CNN or FOX. Verified realism and certainty allow no manipulated spin or irrelevant justifications.
Daily numbers shown from Wall Street won’t represent such staggering reality on nightly news. Other states not yet on the list don’t indicate impressive middle class numbers either, though hovering slightly above seawater, or simply living by fanciful budget illusions.
Fact is there aren’t any numbers looking good once seriously examined. Cause and affect are mixed variables:
February 9, 2016, a new Senate report found that 500,000 illegal aliens received up to $750-million in Obamacare subsides as of June 2015, despite law on the books specifically excluding illegal’s from any such subsides. Treason surely, people!
February 14, 2016, the Pope visits Mexico pushing for economic freedoms, kissing lots of babies, shaking hands, and dictating to certainly politicos they’re questionable Christians. All this while global Catholic patronage numbers dwindle. What happen to separation of Church and State affairs anyway? Pontifical visits are too late for the desperate.
More discouraging for Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise, US 2014 government statistics indicate that 46% of Mexicans in America live at poverty levels. Border crossings aren’t serving anticipated achievements in a nation of dissolving opportunity.
Government hopes no one finds out too soon. But considering a Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015-2016, page-70 of HR-1314, Social Security benefits decrease by $11.4-billion, effecting 21.3-million Americans as of May 1, 2016.
As another damaging influence also, after too much demonstrated un-Constitutional criminality, 90.9% of American people want Obama facing charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors against the national citizenry.” An insignificant 5.71% signify no. Of those voting, 56% were conservatives, 28% independents, as expected 3.2% are liberals, and undecided at 9.4%, as of January 23, 2016. Note Poll #10057, www.wnd.com.
Additionally, a developing shock to bury America next is massive credit system indebtedness taking over non-existent available money. Since the 1950’s, national wealth is on paper only. What’s left of a middle class society now exists on survival credit, a system that has risen into $117-trillion of credit card debt, indicates Agora Incorporated, a private economy think-tank. If you personally do nothing else in preparing for the future, at least strive to eliminate all credit card debt now. Central banks will offer no help when, not if, it all comes down to sand.
Since 1970 and Nixon’s idiotic signing off on traditional US Gold Standard leverage, our once-valued middle class has lost precious ground in living by free-market citizen income strength, as it follows, equaling a powerfully achieving nation. That’s all gone. Now there aren’t any “equals” that benefit sensible future progression or remedial success. For the middle class, poverty levels are alas the last remaining destinations.
So how do we – resident men and women on main streets and byways of hometown America – prepare for an ominous outlook? Since so much unaccountable information is so presently unsettling or non-existent, I found “Forbes/Personal Finance” from August 2013 most encouraging, indicating long-term monitoring points for moving personal knowledge into action:
1. First read Cheryl Lock’s FATE OF THE STATES: New Geography of American Prosperity.
2. Educate yourselves. Research Agora, Inc. for global advice, predictive financial warnings, and economic trends, an independent investigative company.
3. Become inspired again. Jobs are coming back into America. We’re finally realizing that cost differences between goods produced in other countries other than in America aren’t worth it after all, demonstrating superior manufacturing quality especially.
4. Call U-Haul! Over the next 30-years, workers will relocate from east and west coasts into central states, the emerging future market location within our country. It’s all about lower taxation, space, access, geography, less bigness, no crowded compaction, nor state indebtedness. Plan to schedule your move.
5. Along with manufacturing, look to food production industries. A newer, yet traditionally old, industry reappears, reports the US Department of Agriculture. Global demand for US grown crops, particularly in grains, promise to become necessary requirements worldwide, nearly a projected 33% increase by 2021. Food becomes more valuable than either oil or energy.
At this point in time however, there’s not much else to count on, trust in or take to the bank. Save and/or protect whatever money and assets you have. Get out of the useless Stock Market completely unless you have a death wish or hefty life insurance policy. Too many variable “ifs” and “shoulds” are propagandized by self-benefiting, get-rich-quicker, talking-heads not knowing truthful directions anywhere…. Become apprehensively leery. And everybody would do well to stay in that mode for some years ahead. Forget buying gold or silver; neither will help, other than for those selling them.
Nevertheless, reminding ourselves of what got us to this point in the first place, leaving a dilapidated middle class, neither colleges nor universities understood trends early enough for gearing up relevant re-training programs. Three variables exterminated middle class America – robotics in the work place, unreasonable union desires, and “The China Syndrome,” the latter of which nobody wishes discussing for fear of potential cold war with China, who also owns too much of our national debt never to be re-paid. It might be bartered away at some point although.
Read the National Bureau of Economic Research, March 25, 2015, in which “The Syndrome” is addressed: “Rising Chinese imports directly cause higher unemployment, lower labor participation, and reduce wages in local markets which accommodate and sell imports, attempting to compete against manufacturing industries…. Import competition explains at least one-third of decline in US employment. However exercise continual caution because India and Brazil are waiting to replace Chinese influence in time.”
To sum up, faster global growth within foreign markets equals slower markets and lost employment in the United States, among some of our own back-stabbing legislative decisions. The US is parasitic for business here and any business incoming. And such has exactly occurred for much too long, with governance buried deeply into muck, and as we experienced rather complacently. Having said that and knowing such historic social conditions and trends, get over it, America. Let’s get onto working for our own futures! Get on it. And git’er done.