Trump will stab his supporters in the back, and they will love it

By Neal Larson

I watched with more dismay than surprise the Republican (Republican!) front-runner make an assertion about the size of his male anatomy in a high-profile nationally televised debate this week. Hours before, the same front-runner asserted that endorsement-seeking candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 would have “dropped to his knees” to secure an endorsement.

Such is the state of American politics: piggish, juvenile, and phallic.

I gazed at the screen, trying to brace myself for the reality that we may have to stare this man in the face for the next four years — heaven forbid eight — listening to the same damn tiresome and repetitive claims of superiority in anything and everything he does and thinks about and touches and looks at.

And now even in areas most males usually stop worrying about when they’re 20.

I find myself vacillating between roles. On one hand, I try to stand with many other solid voices on the top of the wall warning anyone who can hear me that following this anger directed at the status quo to its very last impulse is a terribly bad idea. History has taught us this.

Other times, I simply and quietly ache for my children, especially my two smallest girls, who won’t grow up with their highest civic leader teaching them about a Shining City on a Hill.

Instead they’ll hear menstrual insults, genital braggadocio, and incessant assertions of undocumented self-superiority.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why is there such a degraded sense of civic self-esteem that out of a nation of well over 300 million people we are on the cusp of choosing either a pathologically lying likely felon, or a vulgar and profane narcissist who has repeatedly helped fund her?

Is this honestly the best we can do? Is Donald Trump the only man in America who can do what needs to be done?

The head-scratching contradictions have been well documented. His fluctuating positions on a host of high value issues like abortion, gun ownership, and government overreach are ignored because he makes big promises. He says he’s going to stick it to the Establishment when in reality he reeks with its stench. He has lain in that unholy and politically incestuous bed for decades.

The theoretical foundation for Trump’s success is anger. Anger at an established political class which has isolated itself and ignored the will of the people for so long, working against our interests, using the system for personal gain, and creating a system of rules that picks favorites. The anger is righteous. It is understandable. The anger is even rational. This is not hard to understand those who live outside the beltway bubble, to varying degrees, know the establishment class’ number is up. We can take them out smart. Or we can fail trying to take them out stupid.

I can guarantee that Donald Trump will alienate those relationships no longer beneficial to him. He’s done it with countless politicians. He will do it to members of his cult of personality. When he stabs them in the back, they will love it. It will be fantastic and it will be terrific. It will be yoodge. Breaking promises like he always does and flip-flopping like he always does, the Establishment he promises to emasculate will only get stronger because it will benefit him.

It wasn’t that many months ago, conservatives had a good solid crop of contenders, a diverse field of experience and talent. Maybe we had too many choices and became paralyzed by indecision. Whatever the cause or series of events that has led us to this point is a topic for another day. I’m sure the 2016 GOP Presidential post-mortem will go on for a while. But how we went from that, to our predicament today, is indeed a political tragedy.

But our time is short. Stop thinking about Washington and politics and pundits and strategy for 30 seconds. Instead, take this half a minute to think of your kids or grandkids. What do you want them to observe for the next few years? Because what they see and hear from their highest civic leader will have a bigger impact on them than you likely realize.

You indeed have a choice to make if you are voting in the upcoming primary. My deepest hope is that everyone voting consults their highest virtues.

Associated Press award-winning columnist Neal Larson of Idaho Falls is also a conservative talk show host on KID Newsradio 590am, 106.3 and 92.1fm, and also at “The Neal Larson Show” can be heard weekday mornings from 8:00 to 10:00. His email address is