Ron Daugherty Commentary

“No man (nor woman) can place chains about the ankles of fellow men without also finding the other end fastened about his (or her) own necks.”
Former slave and human rights crusader – Frederick Douglass

Like attending a Ringling Brothers Circus of playful clowns, high-wire acts, and various mammal tricks, what a cloak and dagger state or nation we exist within – frosted over with misinformation, deception, disinformation, untruths, make-believe, taxation maneuvers, overspending, uncontrollable indebtedness, child-like jealousies, and vulgar exaggerations at every social issue, constantly, 24/7. Welcome, friends. These are certainly modern-day decorations of American life through which we’re now coping.
Our Idaho Legislature is no exception. Each year citizens attempt to understand what our representatives are actually promoting within our state, half-owned by feds. From time to time in Idaho, a few rather surprising cry-babes pop up.
Considering one in particular, March 4, 2016, District 28’s (representing Power County and most of Bannock County) Kelley Packer, R-McCammon, posing as a FAT-growing big-government liberal, is the latest to challenge Idaho Freedom Foundation’s exemplary “Legislative Report Card” which informs constituents annually.
Their reporting is tallied during each Idaho legislative session, finally showing earned effective grade point possibilities for representatives no matter his/her time as seated lawmakers. Such in-depth exposure assessment evaluates lawmaker actions directly beneficial for conservative citizenry success, achievement, and advancement – or NOT – over the years mostly NOT, which is distressing to admit.
Ms. Packer complained however that IFF coverage – widely accepted and honored throughout the state and nation – “simply purports to sway legislator’s voting intentions.” Wrong. She also says that the established not-for-profit membership organization is a “lobbying bully,” that “tactics are abrasive.” Wrong and wrong. She finally decrees, “I’m here to represent constituents.” Say what? Disgustingly wrong again. Realize Rep. Packer that devout intelligent members from Idaho citizenry sanction IFF objectives to aid in providing truthful, workable, rational legislation with effective governance; and that those citizens are afforded ultimate benefit to be informed and represented honestly in Boise. You, miss, might wish to learn such concepts.
Examine details and enlighten yourselves, readers. Who, including McCammon’s Packer, is candidly raising taxes, initiating hidden taxation, increasing governance controls, escalating regulatory measures, overspending, selling off Idaho lands to feds, and still endorsing a dying Obamacare, the latter merely a forced healthcare taxation scheme and huge ponzi income for bloated providers. You decide. The IFF evaluation system provides both percentage and letter-grade accounting for informed understanding.
Who ultimately is burying freed-up competitive business enterprise, and promoting further debt among struggling families? Who in turn are irrevocably “promoting lies” among constituents and to voting citizenry? We each need to remain educated and must monitor legislated results closely. Truth is not only vague but often distorted.
Power County, Bannock County, and McCammon, what have you folks gained from representation, say, in the last four years? Are you personally the slightest any better off?
But let’s not pick on those who blame, side-step, or harass others. Don’t leave out several other area legislative representatives and their typical Report Cards. Are in fact any of us better off, Idaho legislatively speaking?
Looking into legislative results of our immediate 8-politicos, I wrote in 2015, “Allow me to introduce our seated scandalous reps working against us every day during Idaho legislative sessions. Each delegate is down from 38% citizen-effectiveness to an embarrassing 20% of little to no notable effort on state and community behalf.” Why be seated then?
March 31, 2016, final grade scores were posted for the 2016 legislative session. But nothing changed this year either. Results are worse! Consider by local districts: District 28, Sen. Jim Guthrie D- (60%), Rep. Ken Andrus F+ (58%), and Rep. Kelley Packer D- (62%). District 29, Sen. Roy Lacey F- (44%), Rep. Mark Nye F- (46%), and Rep. Elaine Smith F- (41%). District 30, Sen. Dean Mortimer D (66%), Rep. Jeff Thompson D+ (67%), and Rep. Wendy Horman F+ (57%). And local District 31, Sen. Steve Bair D- (62%), Rep. Neil Anderson F (55%), and Rep Julie VanOrden F+ (60%). Sad. Very sad, people….
In summary for the 2016 legislative session, what do total legislative scores promise Idaho? Only 28% of our legislators are promoting a successful state future. Our seated enemies of 71% are merely promoting a regulated, socialist, welfare, sinkhole statehood. And we own half of our state! The citizenry are definitely losing out.
In truth, our entire area is un-represented in Boise and totally failing citizens, no matter what poilitios attempt to propagandize cunningly adorned with smiling faces.
At national level, House member Mike Simpson is no help in Washington either. His record during his first 14-years from 1999-2013 shows a fair B-, but during the last three consecutive years a low D-, and horribly an F grading on illegal immigration matters particularly. Why is he there year after year? Below average representation is just not acceptable.
However be thankful for Rep. Labrador (A+), Senators Risch (A-) and Crapo (B+). Thank God!
Perhaps most chosen delegates, local and national, simply don’t know what they’re doing, don’t know what they stand for, don’t understand damaging results of governance, or frankly don’t care concerning either point.
December 29, 2015, I published a predictive commentary in the ISJ political blog entitled “Beloved Idaho Legislators” outlining an established 10-point-to-do-list for lawmakers. Well, with session results we’ve come to expect, one (maybe two) successes out of 10, I guess ain’t bad. It’s actually shameful. And we all paid for them to be in Boise! Search, read, and compare the article again to refresh your mind, readers.
Maybe we’re learning more about the true workings of governance subtlety and trickery. Citizens more fully understand flawed intentions of their candidates and representatives. Nobody’s perfect. But utter failure remains disgusting and costly, a fraudulent game played upon each of us.
“My people have been lost sheep; their Shepherds have led them astray,” Jeremiah 50:6.
We would do well to ensure our own prosperity and survival as much as possible during times when social stability concepts rapidly corrode. Because placing one’s faith in questionable competence of alleged representatives or assumed leaders is entirely unrealistic, disparaging and self-destructive, to state the least. Stand strong, people. In reality you are your own best supportive counsel as last resort.
Conclusions: Conserve incensed responses, preserve your energy, and partner-up your skills and resources. Knowledge still rules. Though Satan places evil, God truly governs the chosen few. Don’t become captured into socialized slavery. Advance personal goals. Improve professional circumstances and valuable skills, while trusting in Him.
That said, don’t rely upon government. When chips fall, governance won’t be available to anyone. It’s untrustworthy reliability at best. Look undeniably to and into yourself first and foremost. Consider nation and state as calculating FAT (Federally Advanced Tyranny) by their failing governing systems secondarily…if indeed at all. Liberate any “chains” placed around you. And after all, study to learn about and for knowing for whom you’re voting. Sending legislative dupes must end, or Idaho becomes a more stale and stagnant third-world mentality….