An Irish Retirement!
Ron Daugherty Commentary

To whom do old Irishmen go for counsel and guidance, you might wonder? After some 18-years freelancing to Idaho State Journal on various community and national issues, and during the last 10-years submitting more regularly on a variety of political and local legislative concerns, my decision to retire came easily when optimism was restored with President Donald Trump taking office over Horrible Hillary, and the Clinton dynasty.
I found myself in an exceptional position of having nothing more worth writing about, sharing or contributing to an interested but wholly uninformed and awareness-denied citizenry. Donald Trump represents now what I was promoting.
“A friend’s eye is a good mirror.”
Such retirement departure will be my fifth actually from public education, private business education, specialty magazine contributor, and local small business ownership, to ultimately ending freelance submissions into ISJ.
Besides, Trump ultimately brought forth all my previous objectives. I’ve been confronting, discussing and writing about governance being managed like business for years. Now we have a no-nonsense businessman who can initiate the concept coming up through American Dream ranks. He affectively brought passion back into larger American consciousness. Donald Trump most certainly carries forth information, attitude and desire for immediate national restoration within a political world of misdirection, self-centered deception, denial, theft, enslavement and obvious deceit over the last forty-years or more, a fixed, progressive socialism of US enslavement and welfare dominance.
What does it all mean? The Trump Card wins! Trump (triumph): “Any playing card of a suit that ranks higher than any other suit; any advantage held in reserve until needed; a fine person or good fellow,” Webster’s.
From his initial announcement, 6/15/2015, I proudly and bravely ran my homemade bumper stickers early on, had three ripped off with two unfriendly notes left on vehicles; and confidently wore my “Trump/Pence” T-shirt. I remained convinced that he could facilitate bringing back the America that I previously recognized as a fourth-generation independent Irish Christian conservative.
“Live as long as you want,
but never want as long as you live.”
Nevertheless, my commentaries have a powerful spokesperson to verify, sustain and persevere: Numerous articles contributed were about – senseless state and national legislative decisions, sickening general over-taxation, parasitic laws against humanity, undermining personal and state ownership rights, total Constitutional ignorance and of its intent, exposure of seated conservatives not conservative, deceptive wealth taken while in public office, exposing officials arrogantly above the law, ignored and unenforced laws on the books, a supreme court making up laws not ruling on them, crippling illegal migration criminally allowed, the complete idiocy of Sanctuary Cities, senseless southern border policies, uselessness of attempting to cure world poverty, forgiving new business taxation requirements when other businessmen and women pay dearly, churches creating on-property business enterprises tax-free, forced poverty/public enslaved servitude (New Socialist Slavery), extensive federal ownership of western statehoods, student and adult ignorance of US history, government functioning as business,
the worst debt in our history about which media lies, bogus elusions of civic protections, outlandish socio-economic/political contracts with unfriendly overseas countries, ridiculous import and export regulation costs, our general selling of America, highest medical costs in the world, “simple majority voting” for good-old-boy catastrophe, unjustified energy, food and gas pricing, gross bureaucratic waste, the worst national debt during our history, costly failures of Obamacare, immoral and illegal IRS bullying regulations, cost-of-living irrelevant distortions, and present events vs. biblical proficiency…furthermore I’m sure there’s a host of related topics overlooked….
Regarding home-turf state topics, I covered Idaho’s consistent fiscal overspending, hidden spending debt, its 52% reliance on dictating fed ownership and subsidy dollars, blatant legislative pension schemes, some 30-years of state education funding stagnation, and consistent embarrassment of 51 out of 105 legislators receiving failing F-grades (Idaho Freedom Foundation Index). In Idaho Districts 16, 17, 18, 19, 24, 29, 32 and 35. Citizens there have no state representation at all!
Within our state, I specifically point out a highlight-issue indicating a deceptively precedent for which pension-politicians Eric Anderson, Dean Cameron, Bob Geddes, John Tippets, and Elliot Werk should be hiding-out if they believe “lifetime pension boosts” are fair, justified, and of any benefit whatsoever to our citizenry. Shame on them! And dishonor goes to legislators for promoting such deliberate criminality (Idaho Freedom Foundation IFF, “Insider,” summer 2016, pg-18).
“May neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you.”
What societal hypocrites we’ve become when serious governance decisions must be made like no other time within national history. In the past, we heralded those who work, persevere, and become American Dream successful. Many now despise those who are triumphantly flourishing, and afraid to admit change is necessity and perhaps a non-politician can promote achievement.
At any rate nevertheless, listen well to our Mr. President Trump, victorious businessman, creatively decisive problem-solver, and finally an elected non-politician. Thanks to the Almighty for His help as well. What more could America lose that we haven’t already?
Don’t ignore Trump for America. Back him as best you can. He’ll command our inalienable attention and promote individual confidence within the nation. Let’s commit and work along with him…. Support President Trump for your recognized advantage as valuable citizens based upon prudence, represented logic, honored independence, with fairness, and with US interests and Constitutional standards finally uppermost!
We aren’t “deplorables” in any sense. Genuine “deplorables” failed as criminals and limped homeward, hopefully into other countries.

Remember that for maximum benefit concerning any and all future elections, whatever local and/or national agendas, study for whom and why you’re voting your true conscience! Hypocrisy’s past failure.

We did it! Indeed fresh air arrives into our third-world, indebted, sink-hole, proverbial toilet within which we’ve been barely attempting to function – knowingly or not – under the manipulated name of counterfeit freedoms into a modern manipulated, enforced social slavery. Congratulations are in order.
“May your road not be too long when uphill.”
Accordingly again, to where do the Irish go when it’s time to move on and upward, for constructive encouragement among fellow-man, while allowing human governance to now carry a heavy load of true Constitutional social order with rational, fair wisdom?
“In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to converse with only the Almighty.”
Go forth proudly, each one and all. Moreover most certainly, God shall again bless America.

*FOOTNOTE: Quoted boxed references within commentary are traditional Irish blessings.

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