This Dog Won’t Hunt

by Jim Avichouser

Well, you did it. You chose the bang on wrong person for president and now you are gonna pay for it. You somehow believe that Donald J Trump has something for you behind door number three. You also believe that Vladimir Putin is a legitimate leader of a country that we have effectively been at war with since the turn of the 20th century. Please don’t give me any crap about cooperation to defeat the Nazis. That cheese is old and moldy. You do realize don’t you that everything done or said in Russia is recorded via hidden camera and microphone? So, now you want to pretend that your chosen savior did nothing absolutely embarrassing and unpresidential during his supposedly short stays in Moscow? You really want to believe that they have nothing that, if revealed, would cause utter scandal and upheaval in Washington, DC, should the Russians ever decide to make it common knowledge? Am I writing above your comprehension level? Get better learned if I am!

The Soviet Union broke up and a couple of decades later, all of the rubles have ended up in a precious few baskets. Just what lawful authority do you think presided over those transactions? Ha! They didn’t! The law of the jungle and an ages old organization of criminals we like to call a Mafia divided the spoils among themselves.

Yeltsin, the Pickled old bugger the people thought they could trust, backed by the Mayor of Saint Petersburg, You guessed it, Vladimir Putin, who watched his six while they got on with the bloody business of butchering the old CCCP. How is it that a former KGB major ends up with a bank account conservatively valued at upwards of 40 Billion dollars? Do you really believe that he just rolled up his sleeves and put his nose to the grindstone?

Oh, but I digress. How is all of that connected with the putative leader of the free world?  Everyone claims they want to know, except of course the administration and party of the aforementioned Donald J Trump.  They are holding an investigation aren’t they?  You, know, to see if the Russians were complicit with Trump surrogates during our supposedly democratic election process.  Problem is that they keep showing his people what information they need to hide if they want to avoid convictions for Treason.  Yes, the big T word.  You know the one that has to do with aiding the enemies of the United States of America.  We’re talking Benedict Arnold stuff here, and a spade is in fact, a spade.

I hate to keep bringing it up but decades ago, I took an oath, you know the one where I pledge to defend the Constitution and our Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I really did that.  I had thought that a bunch of you did exactly the same thing, but it turns out you may have had reservations or purpose of evasion or some such.  How does the line go in the movie?  “You can’t handle the truth!”  You better get it up!  You are on the verge of losing our beloved republic and our Constitution to boot.

Yeah, I know short term gains in the Stock Market and all that happy horse crap.  Make America great again.  I missed the part where we became less than great.  Unless, one counts the part where we gave up our sacred honor and our integrity and nasty stuff like that!  Things that mattered about being an American as opposed to some other thug in the world.

If Jesus came today?  Well, I think you know what would happen.  Heal the sick, (only if they can pay for it) Feed the hungry, (well, you know they have to earn it first).  Love one another even as I have loved YOU!  Not if they look different, talk different, and worship in some other way!  Nuh uh!  We don’t want any of those kind of people hanging around.  You people missed the memo.  Jesus didn’t call the Crusades.  That was all of you hateful people who couldn’t stand that people not like you controlled the Holy Land.  For the most part, they still do.  Control it that is.  Do you still resent that?  You had to pay for access to Eastern Spices.  Poor Schmucks.

You can’t reverse hundreds of years of tradition and progress in a single election cycle.  You can’t erase the American Spirit and the true underpinnings of our republic if you tried.  And, man are you trying hard to do just that.  SHAME

America has become the laughing stock of the world.  Your conservative Renaissance won’t last beyond the things you don’t know and don’t care to understand.  We are about to lose control of the world Economy and with that any semblance of solvency we ever had.  We will become a hiss and a byword…something best forgotten.  The wall will become a relic at which future generations (should humans actually survive) will scoff and and ask: “What the %&(@ were they thinking?”

The dog will come and pee on  your leg and you still won’t know what is going on.


Jim Avichouser is a former military Intelligence analyst and reporter.  He took his first degree in Soviet Studies from the University of Maryland.  His oaths for enlistment and commissioning have never and will never expire.