The hypocrisy of Sens. Crapo and Risch

By Chris Carlson

There are two qualities a voter should never tolerate in their elected representatives: hypocrisy and actions that show no respect for the intelligence of their constituents.

Idaho’s two U.S. Senators — Mike Crapo and Jim Risch — possess both qualities in abundance.

Idaho’s two senators joined with their fellow Republican senators in announcing that under no circumstances would they hold a hearing or even meet with any nominee President Barack Obama will submit to take the seat held for many years with distinction by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

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Why Super Tuesday matters

By Dan Cravens Today’s “Super Tuesday” primaries are an important milestone in electing America’s next president. Super Tuesday is critical to the presidential nomination process of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Up for grabs is about one-third of the delegates needed for the Democratic nomination, and about half of those needed for the Republican nomination.


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Getting your children involved with engineering

By Sean O'Kelly and Ron Crone As parents, we want to encourage our children’s dreams. That’s what we would like to speak to you about today. February 21-27 was National Engineers Week. This is a special time in our world because engineering is at the heart of what we do every day to fulfill Idaho National Laboratory’s clean energy and national security missions. INL is the nation’s lead nuclear research, demonstration and deployment laboratory, and a world leader in cybersecurity, plug-in vehicle research and clean energy innovation.


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Death cage debating arrives

By Michael H. O’Donnell

Watching the last Republican presidential debate in Texas, I couldn’t help but think back to a couple of tidbits of “The Jerry Springer Show” I’ve caught over the years or the hours of televised professional wrestling that assaulted my eyes as a youngster in the 1960s.

The only difference was Springer had bouncers and the American Wrestling Association had referees in the ring trying to keep the participants from engaging in low blows.

Viewers were not treated to this merciful intervention Thursday night.

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How Does Idaho Water Compare to Flint’s?

By Steve Taggart

Most Americans don’t worry much about drinking water. We turn the faucet on — and water pours out. But, how good is that water?

That issue has been in the national spotlight because of the recent, somewhat scary, story of Flint, Michigan, which is grappling with high levels of lead in its public water system.

Flint is a community of just fewer than 100,000 located about 20 miles northwest of Detroit. Until about a year ago, its water source was the Detroit water system, which gets most of its water from Lake Huron. In 2013, the Flint City Council voted to contract with a competing water system. Detroit retaliated by cutting Flint off almost immediately. Once on its own, Flint began pulling water out of the local Flint River.

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GOP Senate stall on Scalia replacement may backfire

By George Ochenski

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at a posh Texas resort on Feb. 13 and President Obama will now have to nominate his successor. Despite a constitutional mandate to act to either confirm or deny Obama’s nominee, the Republican-led Senate has already said they will not approve a replacement until the next president takes office in 2017. Given the extremely low esteem in which the general public holds the Republican Congress, jumping to block any Obama nominee prior to considering their merits is only likely to increase the disdain for the GOP’s partisan, ideology-driven attempt to avoid the Senate’s duty to provide the nation with a functioning Supreme Court.

Sticking to the old saw that you “shouldn’t speak ill of the dead,” suffice it to say that Scalia’s passing is not particularly mourned by millions of Americans. Fact is, the Roberts Court, with its 5-4 conservative majority, has inflicted untold damage on the nation. Not the least of that damage, but perhaps the one with the greatest long-term impacts, was the court’s split decision in Citizens United, in which the conservative majority anointed corporations with personhood, opening the door to even more corruption and political manipulation by the billionaire class.

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I’m a moron and an idiot in a fading republic

By Neal Larson

get emails from a couple of listeners who I’m sure are, or would be, diagnosed with some form of mental illness. Another listener often sends text messages filled with nearly-meaningless gibberish with an occasional relevant word mixed in. I would share some of their bizarre content here, but I have no desire to provoke them. These listeners have never issued any sort of physical threat, but they cause me some mild concern anyway because their responses to what I say on the air are alway uncertain. If I anger them, will they view me as some sort of threat against which they feel inclined to defend themselves? Would they try to physically harm me? Would they spread false and malignant accusations or rumors that originate in their ill mind?

Irrationality scares me, and it always has. As a child, being around an older person with Alzheimer’s made me uncomfortable, and I usually avoided the homeless man talking to the sky and the trees in the city park.

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‘Respecting an establishment of religion’

By Leonard Hitchcock

Here’s one way to state the problem:  In 1947 the United States Supreme Court decided a case involving a school board’s decision to reimburse parents of children attending religious schools for the cost of transporting those children on buses used by the public schools.  This practice was challenged on the grounds that it violated both the state and federal constitutions’ prohibition of governmental aid to religious organizations.  The court ruled that there was no violation, and the practice could continue (Everson v. Board of Education).   

In 1971, the Idaho Supreme Court considered a case in which the state of Idaho was challenged because it had refused to grant a request that parochial school children be transported to their schools on public school buses.  It did so on the grounds that such a practice would violate the state’s constitution (Art. IX, sec. 5).  The court upheld that refusal, agreeing that the state’s constitution did, indeed, forbid the practice (Epeldi v. Engelking).

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New national monuments proclaimed

By Ralph Maughan

This month President Barack Obama established three new national monuments on 2,800 square miles of public land in the Mojave Desert of southern California. They will be administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and are adjacent to popular Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks or the Mojave National Preserve. The names given these new monuments are Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains.

Authority for the President’s proclamation comes from the Antiquities Act of 1906. It’s astonishing to me that this way of protecting land saved both the Grand Canyon and Grand Teton National Park back in the day.

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Just What Is “The Establishment?”

By Richard Larsen

The most pervasively cited bogeyman of the 2016 presidential election cycle, on both ends of the political spectrum, has been “the establishment.” But just as the political environment changes from one election cycle to the next, so likewise the nomenclature can change, not just between cycles, but within cycles, and have completely different meanings to different groups.

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